The University Learning Outcomes Assessment (UniLOA) is available for use by colleges and universities as part of their overall assessment plans.  The UniLOA’s pricing is highly affordable and based on a number of factors including school size and the degree of customization requested to meet local institutional needs.  For pricing information, please contact

The UniLOA assessment is unique in that it measures students’ behaviors and the learning outcomes that result. It is complementary to other instruments, such as the NSSE, which measures input and environmental variables. The behavioral domains measured by the UniLOA have high concurrent validity with the expectations held by employers and the broader community of college graduates.

The UniLOA domains include:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Self-Awareness
  • Communication
  • Diversity
  • Citizenship
  • Membership & Leadership
  • Relationships

The UniLOA is designed to provide you with critical data about the ways in and degree to which students at your institution are growing, learning, and developing as a result of their collegiate experience.

For more information, click links below to access our “UniLOA Fast Facts” flyer or for the UniLOA’s validity and reliability estimates

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