In response to a dearth of assessment and measurement instruments focusing on college student developmental outcomes, Drs. Mark Frederick and Will Barratt at Indiana State University developed the University Learning Outcomes Assessment (UniLOA). From data collected from across the nation from employers, career counselors, educators, and others, relevant themes were identified, and following strict, empirically sound protocols, the UniLOA was developed.

To date, the UniLOA has been administered to over ½ million college students across the nation.

Improving College Student Persistence, Retention, Performance, and Graduation

While the UniLOA provides valuable information to campus administrators and faculty members, it is merely diagnostic.  To address prescriptive concerns, the Center for Learning Outcomes Assessment has developed the Dynamic Student Development Metatheodel (DSDM); a highly flexible model which can be used to identify existing supports, service, interventions or programs (SSIP’s) and to assist in the development of new ones designed to meet identified student needs, resulting in improved levels of colleges students’ holistic growth, learning, and development.